Les Misérables and The 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Paradigm

I long to work with children in the theatre again 🙂 they bring me such joy and they teach me things about myself.

Break The Proscenium

By Triston Wallace

10743652-puzzled-mind-and-brain-teasers-symbol-featuring-a-human-head-with-jigsaw-puzzle-peices-representing-It was immediately after the curtain call of the very first  performance of Caribbean Theatre Production’s “Les Misérables: The School Edition”, a performance patronized by an  audience of secondary school students. Most of the cast had already eagerly exited into Queen’s Hall’s lobby, still very much in full costume and make up,  to meet their friends and patrons. One of the younger cast members, the only one at the primary school level that day among a cast of mostly secondary and tertiary level students returned to the rehearsal hall with a very lugubrious expression painted across his face. (I learned that word from the 25th annual Putnam county spelling bee a couple years ago. Musicals make the world go round yo!) I asked him what was the matter and his response was one of the saddest things ever… He lamented that no one really applauded him during his curtain call. He said that…

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