The Attack of The Flying Cockroach


The time was somewhere after 1:00 am. *Yawn!. I am still studying… cramming is more like it. I have been staying by a friend’s appartment located close to campus for about a week or two now in order to get more work in… and I really need to get that work in.  I wanted to go on campus to use the library and its AC so I undressed, wrapped myself in a towel and proceeded to the bathroom to take a fresh before heading out. They have a tiny bathroom…very limited space… standing room only! It can probably hold a maximum of two people at best.. with little elbow room to spare if it all. STANDING ROOM ONLY!!! (It is very important that you understand that premise); Still,  it was functional, what more would you need?and it has hot water though which is always a plus. I flipped on the light switch, (which was located outside of the bathroom), entered and closed/ latched the door behind me. Almost as soon as the door latched came the hum of a helicopter approaching… not really, but it might as well have been. I turn around to see a roach and not just any roach, A FLYING ROACH coming straight at me.


Why did it have to fly? Well look how I switched to panic mode and life went into slow motion at that point. I backed myself against the the wall and perhaps it was because my hands were otherwise occupied with towel and soap and all that stuff or because to turn to unlatch would have put my back to the oncoming onslaught (and aint nobody want that) that I did not just unlatch the door and get the heck out of dodge.   I did mention how small the bathroom was right?.., STANDING ROOM ONLY!!! Any direction I turn would basically put my back to the roach and that rel wasn’t going to happen. Opening the door and getting out… that thought never crossed my mind. I was backed into the corner, trapped like a rat, and as hard as I pressed against it I couldn’t phase through. That just wasn’t my mutant power… but I pressed anyway…. and my eyes closed as I cringed and pressed…. The humming stopped… I felt prickly creepy crawly things on my bare chest and at that moment a piece of me died! I screamed like such a b!tch. hastily wrapped the towel around me and bolted. I aint scared but yalls gotta understand that mo fo was not any ordinary roach. That Mo Fo was a FLYING ROACH! AND IT TOUCHED ME!!! I am traumatized and feel very uneasy about entering the bathroom any time soon. For now I am content with being counted among the unwashed masses. Heck! That roach got a taste of my flesh, and y’all know how good chocolate tastes… It may be back for more :S. If only it did not fly.. then the playing field would’ve been even. For the rest of the night I felt like it was still on me, and In my head i’m like…